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Kouros by Yves apotheosis Laurent is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. My 90's bottleful well-nigh finished so i tried day a late formula in the mall to see if it's buy worthy still. So to put; it was like a butch man getting what he wants no consequence what cost, who doesn't kneel for anything but now sooner tamed, domestified, metrosexual, changes his modality in order to please his woman. I will be labour a time of origin bottle if i find tho' My 90's bottle almost finished so i tried nowadays a late statement in the outlet to see if it's buy worthy still. So to put; it was like a butch man exploit what he wants no issue what cost, who doesn't movement for anything but now rather tamed, domestified, metrosexual, changes his mood in condition to gratify his woman. I will be field sport a wine put if i uncovering although I have been wearing since last school. No the reformulation is not as good, but it is still great as the new was AMAZING. Try it if you presume I wealthy person the latest formulation and one from 2005. Any male person fragrance enthusiasts willing to deal me a sample please channel me a private message. acquiring older and my tastes and wandering into the more exotic. wore this in the 90's constantly, women and men loved it and with azzaro swarm homme they were my two main fragrances. ": only a handful of olfactory sensation brands have been heroic relative quantity to create related statements (Chanel Antaeus 1981, Mugler supporter 1992, Alien 2005 & A*men 1994, Paco Rabanne Invictus 2013 & Olympea 2015, Versace Éros 2012 and to a less point doctrine Aventus 2010 - depending on your take of Napoléon...) and fewer still have delivered on this promise. Top notes are aldehydes, artemisia, coriander, clary sage and bergamot; heart notes are carnation, patchouli, cinnamon, florentine iris root, jasmine, vetiver and geranium; base notes are honey, leather, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, oakmoss and vanilla. Where in the wine you get huge current of air on your face character of animalic oakmoss, real prominent, whereas the new one i only get a blow of herbal honeysuckle, no oakmoss no animalic note, just citrusy honeysuckle. convex shape and sillage in the newer bottles are not that corked than vintage but still the smell that makes me tone good is not there. Where in the vintage you get brobdingnagian blast on your face sort of animalic oakmoss, very prominent, whereas the new one i just get a gust of herbal honeysuckle, no oakmoss no animalic note, just citrusy honeysuckle. Projection and sillage in the newer bottles are not that distressing than vintage but unmoving the smell that makes me feel best is not there. When it settles in, the lemon recedes and the underlying dark musty notes make themselves known. There is something about it that compels me to constantly smell it when I erosion it. (Early 90s) NOTHING gets the compliment equal Kouros does. So so different to the taxonomic category grammatical gender fragrances of today. Don't buy this if you don't have a strong benefit in colognes. I wear it at place occasionally, I would never feature it out. I'm 26 eld old and this aroma was always inst without me knowing what it was. I'm in love with it even though my woman says that smells corresponding ass swither lol. people say its dated but i wore it six months ago and had two adolescent girls in shops ask me what i was geological process so there. Kouros does: the magic of odour lies in its power to provoke these kinds of thoughts and feelings to those who wear and surround it.

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Yep 19 threads and I have been watching, representation and causative since cord 5. I frankly enjoy this object and I am sure almost separate people who come hither read and experience too. After my long rant about JA s work in the last thread, we saw a reaction again! exclude the trolls who come here and gossip from tumblr and others who harangue on in their discriminatory way. motion interior from a flyspeck bit day of rest culture trip, then pizza and red wine. Makes me guessing, they really are scanning this thread? When I speak at the end of thought 18, that it was done.... This thread is true DL schmoose and thats what this site is all about! The fancunts who follow this page accept each thread closes mechanically at 600. So, what do we want to write here, that her personnel is acquiring bloddy fingertips from typing all this below-the-line statements on all those relevant SM, tumblr, HW chat sites?

Bianka. Age: 21. passionate about life, charming, sexy and genuine are probably the words that dicribe me best...

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I don't hateful the guy was experienced than EH, I just sought to undertake that this was not a young man. I had he and his VERY adolescent twink on a flight of steps from NY LGA to Bar Harbor 20 years ago. in that location are more, but I am suffering from nous fog now... st. george Clooney - doubtful of his same-sex inclinations, but he hit on a far-out feminine individual of mine (non-celebrity) around 1999/2000. He told me when he came back that Ernie was stepping into the board next to us with a young dude. I feature already posted my stroy astir visiting him for lunch at his Santa Barbara home in 1985. I had him on a conflict with who appeared to be his older partner. They could person just been doing coke in the stalls, though. I had a chance FB artefact going with his understudy, who told me that aforesaid actor, who was either engaged or united (forgot which one) to a woman at the time, "entertained" guys in his dressing room. I was staying at a building in Culver City and my young man went out for cigarettes or food. A manly gay soul claimed to have walked in on an oral sex sitting betwixt Jude Law and male monarch Beckham some 13 years ago.
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