Lord Hanuman

Who is Hanuman?
Hanuman is one of the most powerful and wellknown popular gods of Hinduism who played an important role in the incarnation of Hanuman in Ramayan and proved a great devotee of Lord Rama.
He also played an important role of winning the wa of Kurukshetra for Pandavas. He is also said to be the son of Lord Shiva. People all over the world particularly Hindus worship and admire him for his humility,strength and valor.
People believe Lord Hanuman is still active around us even today. When ever the name Rama is chanted, Lord Hanuman said to appear at that place and become invisible in the surrounding.
People pray to him to get courage,confidence,freedom and strength to fight a evil or obstacles that we face day to day life.

The word Hanuman has a meaning in it. It is believed that Lord Hanuman got his name after he being struck by the Vjara Ayudha(Thunder bolt) of Lord Indra on his jaw while he was attempting to swallow the sun.
It is also believed that Hanuman means manifested existence of supreme consciousness that permeates in all.
In the word ‘Hanuman’

  • Ha means “supreme spirit” which is another name of Lord Shiva.
  • Nu means “That which permeates”
  • Man means “Manifested”

Names Of Hanuman
Lord Hanuman has many other names. Each name has it’s own meaning and power in it.

1) Anjaneya : The name Anjaneya means ‘Son of Anjana’.
2) Bajrangbali : It means one whose limbs have the strength and power of lightning.

How to worship Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman can be worshipped by anyone by following the below rules.

1) Going to Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday with a clean and fresh mind.
2) Chanting Hanuman’s name regularly early in the morning and at night before sleeping.
3) Avoid non-veg foods especially on Tuesday and Saturday’s.
4) One should read Hanuman Chalisa atleast once in a day till you overcome the problems in life. It is a forty line ritual which is written by poet Tulasidas.
5) Every saturday one should take head bath and visit Lord Hanuman temple. They should also take Sesame,Sugar and red gram(Pideon pea) with them to the temple. This should be done for eleven weeks and you will see a miracle by turn out of your problems.
6) One should also light a lamp or deepa with Sesame oil daily or at least every saturday.
7) If a person has heart problem or anxiety or any mental stress he or she should chant or listen to Hanuman Chalisa as many times as possible in a day.

Hanuman Chalisa
It is said that because of his complete humility he would not stir in to action, unless one reminds him of his true power and his divine purpose. Therefore his devotees chant Hanuman Chalisa, to remind him of his greatness and prompt him to wake up from his devotion and help them.

  • Hanuman Chalisa is one of the part of Sundarakanda in the Ramacharit Manas which is composed by Tulsidas (15th Century A.D).
  • It is a prayer consists of forty verses. The word ‘Chalis’ means Forty(40 in Hindi). Since it is a prayer of Forty Verses, It is called ‘Chalisa’.
    The Verses exhibit the strength,qualities and greatness of Lord Hanuman.
  • It is said that who ever chants the Chalisa will have the grace of Hanuman.
  • Hanuman Chalisa is chanted by millions of worshippers daily around the world.

Below is the Chalisa of three different languages

1) Hanuman Chalisa in English
2) Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi
3) Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu