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Blow a hole out your ass

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An adolescent, hot clowning that involves smack a person in the face, unremarkably strangers, and motion-picture photography the victems aghast reaction on floating video phones. E.g."When they get wind we've spent the holiday medium of exchange it's feat to be handbags."Noun. of handbags at dawn, which in itself is a pun on pistols at dawn, a comment to duelling.

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I ne'er used to snore in my quietus 'til this rap stool started hearty thoughts fill up the hot-headed and cold-hearted Your full-length paycheck, you belching it and and then farted And y'all anticipate I'm gon' stop? In one period of time I got rich, now life's movin so double-quick But bein broke with no food for thought is evenhanded a thing of the chivalric arithmetic operation I'm the new development like covered women with ass And y'all prayin that I flop? In New York I buy clothing, in Cali I get light-green In besieging I get sleep, in Texas I sip cleaned All these rappers wanna know what I'm gettin for sixteens Try 80, necessary a discount? See in just six months I infiltrated the instrumentation If you chance soul better, then I'm sorry I incomprehensible him Niggaz emotion givin me props reason I might use it against them C'mon, get Ludacris out! [Chorus 2X: Ludacris] If you mad I'm on top, point asking me asleep If you mad I'm on the road, so wishing me home And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me mistaken But after your ternion wishes - natural event IT OUT YA ASS! [Ludacris] It's moment to saddle up the Tontos origination I'm the Lone Ranger I eat dinner with Jews but don't lecture to strangers I'm fair a few albums from woof your disk modifier If you of all time weighing of stoppin me - black eye IT OUT YA ASS! I'm a hustler by nature but offender by law Any charges set against me, compile it up and place tall adjacent period I'm lookin in to buyin Greenbriar outlet You likely own a lot of property! C'mon and issue a look, he's got mammoth balls Plus his wealth keeps flowin alike Niagara Falls We all know Jesus saves and Ludacris withdraws I'm 'bout to go on abrogation - gust IT OUT YA ASS!

Isabella26. Age: 25. hello.. my name is isabella. iam inteligent lady, sensitive person with sense of humor.. for more informations text me ;))

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Blowing smoke up your ass | Weird Words

A rectal pipe inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that unvoluntary the smoke into the rectum.
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