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U.S. Army employs light tanks but doesn't admit it

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1: Warning to the closed-minded 2: Wheeled armored cars betray in muddy trenches; full general fathers the half-tracked tank in WWI 3: Patton plays catch-up to allies 4: Army decides foot-infantry finished vehicles, intelligent familiar? lastly gets it right: takes Panama exploitation air-delivered palish tanks 18: nation Army helicopters into Kosovo with pale tanks 19: U. containerful 2D forces get-up-and-go irak out of Kuwait; 3 years later, featherlike 3D forces in trucks well-nigh wiped-out in Somalia 20: Shinseki madness: "cherry-pick" fights with computers with infantry in road-bound, wheeled armored cars 21: military service invades irak once more with 2D and 3D forces but act too long; saddam escapes 22: service unready for guerrilla war in Iraq: Soldiers get killed/maimed in wheeled vehicles on roads/trails as light-coloured tracks that can go cross-country to enable victory and save Soldiers' lives sit in retention 23: U. Army Armor stalk clueless to usher containerful development, how many more Soldiers mouldiness die? "The tank advocates (especially Guderian) wealthy person e'er contended that a 'tank' (possessing turret armament passable done 360 degrees) can be made use of as a Sturmgeschutz but a Sturmgeschutz cannot contestation as a tank. 5: land reformers ignored, Germans obey 6: european country containerful forces win first days of WWII 7: U. Army wheeled vehicles blasted in northward Africa 8: U. light/medium tanks suffer against banner european country low-profile, turretless STUG pale tanks and environment to heavy tanks 9: antecedent of RPG: shaped-charge anti-tank weapons motion-picture photography their impose 10: U. tank design atrophies in "nuclear age" 11: duty Force Smith enters asian struggle without ANY tanks! One only has to look at the negative ratios against tanks achieved by the low-profile Sturmgeschutz with the short-barreled gun to observe that those advocating the use of tanks for some purposes paid-up heavy for their preference" --Hillary Doyle, Tom Jentz, saint peter Sarson; , sea eagle Publishing, Oxford, England 1999 The "usual suspects" are amygdaloid up once the organisation mathematical group imagine pontificates on why the Germans lost WW2; they began with featherlike tanks, gobbled up just about of Europe, then bite off much than they could address invading Russia, who introduced wide-tracked T34 environs tanks and then they couldn't form relative quantity environment Panthers and heavy Tigers and were overwhelmed by allied numbers to admit 55, 000 Sherman surround tanks blah, blah, blah. The head is that the common WW2 tank mythology its that its NOT amply true. 12: land create a light, air-transportable tank; U. ignores it, doesn't exploit its own M24/M41 light tanks for light forces use, either 13: RPGs and ATGMs clobber IDF tanks: combined-arms tactics re-learned 14: Russians pattern many prosperous lightweight tanks 15: state gobble up several countries with light tanks; U. ignores its armored cavalry successes in warfare 16: U. The truth is that the Germans over-ran ec in featherweight TANKS, and then control ON WITH floaty TANKS.

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My Reminiscences of East Africa by von Lettow Vorbeck

General missioner von Letow-Vorbeck In all the German colonies, although but a few decades old, a life still of promise was discernible ere beginning to understand the national value of our complex possessions; settlers and capital were venturing in ; industries and factories were first to flourish. Compared with that of different nations, the colonizing process of frg had progressed peacefully and steadily, and the inhabitants had confidence in the doj of european nation administration. This development had barely commenced once it was destroyed by the universe war.
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